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Chemical formula

Ca ( H2PO4 )2.H2

 Ca ( H2 PO4)2

Other Names

Mono calcium phosphate, calcium biphosphate, Calcium phosphate acid, and super phosphate

Mono calcium phosphate was first supplied to market in Iran by this company with the highest quality.

In the food industry, it is used as an acidic agent for the production of carbon dioxide gas, when combined with sodium bicarbonate.

In the production of two-stage baking powder, it is used as the second acid beside the SAPP.

The MCP has a buffering function and acts as a buffer.

MCP prevents bread staling and increases its shelf life.

MCP is used in canned fruits and vegetables to maintain their firmness.

MCP is used in baking powder, cake mixes, cookies, doughnut, enriched flours, seasonings, canned potatoes, and canned tomatoes.

MCP is a source of calcium in dietary supplementary drinks.